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Band Boosters

As a parent of a band student, you are automatically included as a member of the wonderful group of people called LN Band Boosters. Merriam-Webster defines a booster as “one that boosts as an enthusiastic supporter.” Other names for our members could be advocates, backers, champions, friends, promoters, proponents, supporters, and true believers.

Band Booster support takes many forms. One of the most important things that an LN Band Booster does is attend performances, concerts, festivals, games, and contests, even those away from Lawrence North. Students really appreciate the parent support and look forward to our involvement. We Boosters also benefit from going to performances; they are an opportunity to sit together, to make and renew friendships, to enjoy great music of all genres, and to cheer on our terrific musicians!

Another important way that LN Band Boosters offer support is by participating in fundraisers. This income is critical to offset the costs associated with running a top-tier band program. Most of our fundraising is for the direct benefit of the students, with proceeds applied to band fees, instrument rental, private lessons, etc. Other fundraisers are designed to assist the program as a whole, for purchases such as uniforms, instruments and equipment, music, guest clinicians, scholarships, etc. Band Boosters do many other things to “boost as enthusiastic supporters.” We serve meals during rehearsals, help with uniform fittings, design and build props for shows, load and unload instruments, wash uniforms, decorate busses and the band room, offer words of encouragement to our kids when they need them – the list goes on and on. But despite the many tasks we do, there is nothing more rewarding than being a Lawrence North Band Booster. Please get involved!