Concert Bands

Wind Ensemble
The Wind Ensemble is LN’s most advanced concert band, and is comprised of upper classmen and a few outstanding underclassmen who have proven their ability to play more complex and challenging music. Its varied repertoire includes original wind compositions, arranged classical items, light music, and popular tunes.

Symphonic Band
The Symphonic Band is a mid-level band consisting of mostly underclassmen and some freshmen musicians. The Symphonic Band is the stepping stone from Concert Band to Wind Ensemble. It gives students the experience needed to improve their playing skills while learning more difficult music.

Concert Band
The Concert Band is an entry level band allowing incoming students to become more familiar with their instruments, get accustomed to playing more challenging music, and get acclimated to high school band. This band focuses on mastering fundamentals, playing as an ensemble, and continuing music education.

All these bands have performed and won awards at state ISSMA competitions and national music festivals.