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Policies & Procedures

Extra/Co-Curricular Participation Conflicts - If a student participates in more than one school activity, it is the student's responsibility to compare both schedules carefully. The music and athletic departments have agreed that students will split overlapping practice time between the two activities when practices conflict; however, if many conflicts exist, the student should not participate in both activities during the same season ie. football & marching band. The band program will "go the extra mile" in trying to work with our band athletes while they are "in season" with athletic teams, to be sure they are able to participate fully in our performing groups. Please inform the directors when you have concerns. It is the student's responsibility to inform both parties of scheduling conflicts as early as possible. Performance conflicts will be resolved by adhering to Lawrence North High School's Extra-curricular Conflict Policy. This policy is printed in the LNHS student handbook. Please use a "Request for Excused Absence Form" well in advance of absence - parent signature is required. Directors will determine if the absence is excused, excused with make up, or unexcused.

In addition to this web site, the "Request for Excused Absence Form" is included in the student handbook and available in the Band room.Please complete all information on the form and give to the director 2 weeks or more before conflict date.